Volunteering Opportunities – Volunteers are welcome

Volunteers play an important part in the day to day operation of St Mary’s Cathedral.

From staffing the Cathedral Shop to bell ringing to Mass reading and ushering, it is dedicated volunteers who help make everything tick.

Jennifer Foo (Special Liturgies Officer) not only looks after St Mary’s Cathedral events, but she also manages the vital volunteer team. Key areas where Cathedral volunteers play an important role include: tour guides, ushers, hospitality, the shop, readers, and bell ringers.

For further information about volunteering, please call Jennifer Foo on 02 9220 0453 or email:  [email protected]

Jennifer oversees the various volunteer groups at St Mary’s Cathedral while looking to ensure each volunteer feels appreciated and stays well informed. Volunteers have been on roster anywhere from one, five, 10, and 15+ years of service. 

Jennifer says the Cathedral is continually looking to expand its volunteer program and attract new candidates.

“To increase our engagement with the public, recruitment notices are placed every few months via the Cathedral website, bulletins, or parish notices. With our recent expressions of interest, we had an excellent response from the parish and neighbouring communities.

“We can juggle volunteer duties around an individual’s personal schedule. We have volunteers from corporate and medical fields to students so the roster rotation can fit in with their calendars. On weekdays, our retired volunteers have more time to spare or others who live within our parish can assist with an early morning Mass.”

According to Jennifer, one of the most satisfying parts of her job is engaging with people, including the many Cathedral volunteers.

“Our approach is very inclusive. Volunteers are not paid and they are giving of their personal time so we want everyone to be a part of our wider team dynamic. We would like to retain our current volunteers and ask for their continued service, whether short or long term.

“I have been a volunteer with other not-for-profit organisations so understand what’s involved. We strive to help our volunteers stay engaged and fresh in their roles. In 2017, we started a volunteer newsletter to keep everyone updated with news and happenings around the Cathedral.

“Volunteers support St Mary’s Cathedral, and we want them to benefit from key information for their respective responsibilities on a regular basis.”

Why volunteer?

  • You may wish to serve St Mary’s Cathedral as an extension of your faith.
  • You may have a special appreciation and love of the building, its history and architecture.
  • You may enjoy assisting thousands of people every day who visit here.
  • You may wish to become part of the wider Cathedral community and make new friends.
  • You may wish to gain work experience or build up your CV by volunteering at the Cathedral.
  • Whatever your reason, you can find your own reward through volunteering at St Mary’s Cathedral.