Who are the Choristers?

The Choristers of St Mary’s Cathedral are boys aged 9-14 from different backgrounds and from across the Sydney region who sing the principal services in St Mary’s Cathedral.

Before joining the Choir, they have shown an aptitude for and interest in music and singing. As well as singing regularly in the Cathedral, the Choristers’ experience is enriched with concerts, radio and television broadcasts, recordings, and tours. The Choristers have the unique opportunity of working at the same level as professional adults, learning and performing music to the very highest standard.

St Mary’s is the only Catholic Cathedral in the Southern Hemisphere with an on-site choir school. The Cathedral College has perhaps the richest and most diverse heritage of any school in Australia and ranks highly amongst the top 50 boys’ schools in the country. As well as offering the finest academic and musical training, and excellent sports coaching, the College aims to foster the fullest possible development of each boy while also placing a strong emphasis on religious education and Christian service. The Choristers play a full part in the College’s many academic, sporting, and extra-curricular activities. Boys who join the school as Choristers have an assured place in the Cathedral College until Year 12.

In return for singing at the Cathedral’s regular services during the week and on Sundays, the Choristers receive full tuition scholarships to the Cathedral’s choir school – St Mary’s Cathedral College. In addition to the tuition scholarship, Choristers receive weekly individual singing lessons paid for by the Cathedral.


How do you become a Chorister?

Any boy who wants to become a Chorister at St Mary’s Cathedral has the opportunity to do a singing audition called a voice trial. These are arranged through the Cathedral’s Music Administrator.

Each year, the Cathedral Choir accepts up to 10 new boys aged between 9-10 who enter Year 5 at Cathedral College. All new Choristers must start at Year 5.


Chorister for a Day

If you know a boy who you think would enjoy the Chorister experience, bring him to the Cathedral’s popular choir open day: ‘Chorister for a Day’ which takes place once or twice a year. Boys meet the current Choristers, have special tours of the Cathedral and the College and even get to sing Mass with the Choir in the Cathedral.

Thomas Wilson, the Director of Music is always pleased to hear from people who would like to enquire about choristership. “We are looking for bright, happy boys with keen musical ears and the makings of a good voice. They do not have to be the finished product – it’s our job to help them get there.”

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