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St Mary's Cathedral, the Mother Church of Australian Catholics, has been a Church built on the generosity of the people of Sydney. From the first days in 1820, Catholics have treasured this building as a powerful symbol of the faith of this country.

Now 200 years on, St Mary's has been undergoing a conservation program to maintain the beautiful Gothic architecture of William Wardell, the original architect.

Your contribution will help preserve the Cathedral for future generations, not only for Catholics, but as a major landmark of one of the great cities of the world.

You can assist us by dedicating a stone, making a donation or leaving a bequest for St Mary's Cathedral.

Ongoing projects

  • Restoration of the Cathedral façade
  • Interior stonework restoration
  • Restoration of internal and external doors
  • Roof and floor repairs
  • Preservation of stained glass windows, historic exhibits, artwork and sculptures
  • Conservation of the Cathedral Crypt

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An aerial view of St Mary's The Nave The Crypt The Crypt The Crypt Internal shots Internal shots Internal shots Internal shots Internal shots Eastern entrance Northern view Spring and the baptistery The cross in the southern facade From St Mary's Road

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